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Kitchen granite sink Paris

Dimensions: 595 x 485 mm | Cabinet size: Base cabinet from 60cm |
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Granite sink black Paris


The colour on the 3D model is an illustration - detailed colour references can be found below in the product card

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The Protect+ coating allows you to enjoy a cleaner dishwasher for longer. It ensures that dirt, stains, spots and limescale settle more slowly and are easier to remove. The Protect+ protective coating is applied during the manufacturing process.
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-90,00 €

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    Product advantages
    Antibacterial formula*. Antibacterial formula*.  Silver nanoparticles inhibit the growth of bacteria; these particles have a high surface-to-volume ratio, which determines their significant biological activity.
    Anti-fungal formula Anti-fungal formula  It prevents the growth of fungi, including mould on the surface of the kitchen sink.
    Left or right-handed compartment Left or right-handed compartment   The sink is reversible, which means that it can be installed on a countertop with a draining board on the left or right side, which gives you the possibility to adjust the working space to your needs.
    Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps Colour and style matched with Primagran Taps  5 colour variants and 20 different sink shapes make it possible to successfully combine the manufactured sinks with Primagran mixers.
    Heat resistance Heat resistance  The sink shows resistance to heat in the so-called dry test that simulates the contact of the sink surface with e.g. a hot pot.
    Thermal shock resistance Thermal shock resistance  The sink is resistant to sudden water temperature changes (temperature range 15 - 95°C).
    Scratch resistance Scratch resistance  The sink is well-cured (resin undergoes spatial crosslinking process), thanks to which the surface of the sink is durable.
    Dirt resistance Dirt resistance  The well-crosslinked structure of the sink prevents dirt from penetrating deep into the surface.
    Impact resistance Impact resistance  The material is resistant to dynamic impact cracking.
    Resistance to discoloration Resistance to discoloration  The surface of the sink is resistant to chemicals and staining agents.
    Easy to clean Easy to clean  Dirt and deposits do not permanently adhere to the surface of the sink and can be easily removed.
    Does not lose its colour Does not lose its colour  The sink surface is resistant to discolouration.
    Pre-drilled holes Pre-drilled holes  Flexible design of the washing area thanks to milled openings. Possibility of punching the optimal number of holes in a selected place

    * Applies to models with an antibacterial formula - more information in the section Antibacterial

    Product description

    The Paris granite sink is a one-and-a-half-bowl model distinguished by its simple construction and modern design. The larger chamber used for washing up accommodates larger pots and dishes, while the smaller, auxiliary chamber can be used for rinsing dishes, sorting and putting away cutlery or rinsing vegetables. The presence of a smaller bowl compensates for the lack of a draining board, thus facilitating washing up and preparing meals and providing sufficient space for dishes. The Paris sink, 595x485 mm in size, can be installed in cabinets 60 cm wide and wider. The Paris sink is a reversible model, which makes it possible to install it on a kitchen countertop with a draining board on the left or right side.

    The sink is made of high-quality materials that meet European and Polish quality standards. In addition, with your purchase, you will receive up to 35 years of guarantee. Moreover, this modern one-and-a-half bowl sink is easy to maintain thanks to its resistant granite surface. With little effort, you can enjoy a pristine surface for a long time, as it is resistant to damage as well as rapid temperature changes.

    The sink is available in several classic colours: semi-matte black, black, graphite, grey, beige and white, so you have the opportunity to match it to your kitchen and create an extraordinary arrangement. The combination of modern design and resistance and functionality makes the Paris countertop model a highly attractive proposition on the market.

    We offer products, proven to be great, for preserving and cleaning granite surfaces, thanks to which your sink will maintain its pristine shine and will please the eye for many years. Make sure to match the sink with a perfectly matched kitchen mixer tap tap that will emphasize the character of the sink and make the whole thing look coherent. We have both chrome and granite mixers, with or without a pull-out spray. Complete the set with practical accessories that make your work in the kitchen even easier, such as an automatic stopper or a liquid dispenser. On request, we can add our unique antibacterial formula, containing active silver particles, that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi to your sink mixture, making it all antibacterial.

    Holes for installing taps and other accessories in our sinks are milled. This solution will allow you to best adjust the sink to your needs. Please follow the instructions and find out how you can easily drill the holes. Read more about the advantages of pre-milled holes.

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    Technical data
    Dimensions:595 x 485 mm
    Cabinet size:Base cabinet from 60cm
    Bowl depth:190mm
    Weight:approx. 13kg
    Drain:3 1/2
    Sink width:50-60 cm
    Number of bowls:One and a half bowl
    Drain:without drainer
    Shape of main chamber:Square
    Type:Built-in (countertop)
    Technical drawings
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    Product available in five colours

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